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A New Hope For Displaced People

A refugee in the U.S. said, “The other day I was thinking about what my life here as a refugee would be like without you. I’ve come so far because of your guidance. There is so much more I want to do now that I have the confidence to move forward because of your help and friendship.” This woman was referring to the organization Morning Star Development, which has helped her and many other Afghan refugees who have come to the U.S. after being displaced from their home due to the war. There are as many as 300,000 Afghan refugees in the U.S. alone, who come here knowing no English at all, or have no one to turn to for help. Morning Star Development has dedicated their efforts to being the support system that these refugees need when coming to the U.S. and offer them services that are not available to them otherwise.

In addition to the refugee outreach program, this amazing organization also offers aid to those people still living in Afghanistan by creating development initiatives to empower these individuals and help them rebuild their lives and communities. Some of the areas in which this organization is focusing on are Education, Health Care, Agriculture and Small Business Development, doing so by building a model of sustainable development that is readily transferable to other under-developed nations in the world.

Morning Star Development is on a mission to rebuild the communities, starting in Afghanistan and we want to join them! Help us raise funds for this amazing organization and provide these people with a great life in the place they call home, or rebuild their lives and find a new home!


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Getting involved has never been so simple, or Free!


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